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    Rajasthan Heritage Tour: Anybody possessing a fair knowledge of the history and culture of Rajasthan, if asked to delineate the chief characteristics of its rulers in the past world. Unhesitatingly mention their bravery, courage, determination, honour, patriotism, unflinching loyalty and transparent sincerity and simplicity. Another striking characteristic that none can fail to highlight is the warmth and hospitality. All these and more are reflected in various historical monuments like impregnable fortresses, defensive castles and composite havelis which had been the abode of the nobility. The tradition of hospitality which is instant and spontaneous to visitors, guests and even strangers, continues undiluted since the days of kings and princes. This, in fact, forms part of the people’s life style throughout the territory of this land, and best sums up the ideal of atithi devo bhava. The chivalry and gallantry of the warrior clans are also reflected in the architecture of the aristocratic homes. Post independence democratic India witnessed the integration of the princely states, abolition of 'jagirs', land reforms and finally the withdrawal of the special privileges and privy purse from the royal families. Consequently the noble families lost their traditional means of livelihood. In order to tide over the prospect of financial hardship, large palaces of the Maharajas set the trend by becoming five star hotels. Others followed this trend. Now, some of the ancestral homes too find sustenance in this new lease of life - as heritage hotels. Each of these heritage hotels or ancestral homes is different, unique, having a history and tradition of its own. In fact one can replicate the experience of living like a king in a heritage hotel.

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